Empowering Web Identity

A website application, which is also popularly known as a web app, is a software application program that uses web-based technology to perform specific tasks. Remote web servers host web applications and store relevant information from numerous connected computers. You can use a client program to run the web applications and access or enter the required data. That is why people often refer to web apps as client-server programs.A web app requires mainly three elements to function properly. This includes a web server to handle requests from the client, an application server to execute the tasks requested and a database to store the information. Here is how a web application typically works:

    • The user will connect to the Internet and create a request to the web server through the application’s user interface.

    • The web server will process the request and send it to the right web app server.

    • The web application server will perform the required task and generate the results of the required data.

    • The web app server will send the information back to the web server.

    • The web server will send the requested information to the client’s device such as a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

    • The requested information will appear on the user’s display.

Technology Behind Web Application