Sugarcane Management For Sugar Industry

Sugarcane Management for the sugar industry is designed to manage the lifecycle of sugar for sugar factories.Our sugar ERP software enables factories to manage the good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of sugar. It is done by helping to manage and monitor all aspects of the cultivation of sugar. These activities include farmer registration, land recruitment, cane growth monitoring, agronomy, agri-engineering, harvesting, weighing, and transportation of the cane to the factory

Sugarcane Management Software For Sugar Industry

Our sugar ERP software for the sugar industry is a sugarcane management system that manages payments to farmers and contractors. With the business of sugar becoming increasingly complex and competitive from the factories, our system is a solution for happier farmers ensuring increased profits, quality, transparency, and traceability.

Maximum Produce and Optimum Resources

Sugarcane Management System for the sugar industry is a single solution for all these activities. Our cane management system monitors and keeps a check on the relationship with the farmers which leads to profit, improves the traceability of the system and ensures high-quality crop to the customers.

Max Out Your Inputs

Our sugar ERP software reduces cut to crush time. You are able to better plan, monitor, and study farm activities. All activities before the plantation of the crop that is important for the healthy growth of the sugarcane crop are managed by our system.

Monitor The Farm Performance

Our system generated reports let you identify why some crops grow better on some piece of land. The sugarcane management system also produces nutrient audit reports by studying the nutrient components of the fertilisers you used in field.

Availability of Agricultural Data

For all crops, the system stores data like input given, the yield generated, the weather conditions, the cost incurred for the produce, etc. This data collected by our sugarcane management system allows you to plan which crop to focus on.

Stay With The Season

Sugarcane crop monitoring software advises quantity of pesticides in the farm. The later you use data for pest protection, the higher is the probability of crop damage. Studies reveal that pests damage approximately 30% of the world’s total yield every year.

Take Care Of Farm's Economy

Our system helps you in keeping a track of sales and expenses of the business. Using our sugarcane crop monitoring, you can plan inventory control, maintain optimum store level, calculate economic batch quantity to order, and plan the calendar events.

Generate Reports

You will have access to plant performance data which tells you the weak areas of the farm through the cane farmer management system and the strengths so that you can focus and divert attention & resources for the weaker areas.